I originally didn’t want to play the cello: as a young girl, I dreamed of the linear perfection of ballet- the wonderful music, the teamwork, the possibility of being sent far, far away to an academy to train hard and become something great and wear giant scarves and leotards with low back cut outs and fall in love with my Russian tutor, eventually living between Europe and the US.

It was an oddly specific fantasy.

Ballet has so much in common with classical music. All the good stuff, but also an emphasis on starting young, clinging to old world ideals, and an entrenched establishment that probably stifles as much art as it fosters. And that’s why I follow the #AdultBallerinaGang on Instagram. These dancers are such a pleasure to witness, regardless of whether they’re flourishing en pointe or struggling with the most elementary tendu, there is a joy and a spirit of support and collaboration that makes me so happy.

Find your passion. Find your people. You can do this.  

Photo by the amazing SashaSpiraling.

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