One of the things I never get asked that my adult beginners always get asked is why they play the cello. Depending on the company, the primrose path can lead to some pretty ugly places. Try not to feel put-upon. Look at this guy. Some people see cars as a way to get around. Others soar right over them. You can’t fault someone for simply not knowing what it’s like.

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  1. I'm getting that question a lot lately … I started seriously playing (learning) cello last year at age 23 after playing flute for 9 years. I can't even tell you how many people have asked me why.

    I say it's simple. I realized cello = love 🙂

  2. I started interviewing cello teachers last November 9th at the age of 48.

    As a child I played cornet in 6th grade and baratone horn in 7th. I didn't care for the band teacher in 7th grade and quit midway through the year. Other than some delusional plinking around on a guitar in college I haven't played an instrument in 30 years.

    I've always loved the sound of cello and had thought about taking lessons for many years. I think fear of not being any good at it kept me away from it.

    I started cello because I liked the sound, but I have discovered the whole realm of intricacy that is music and love the logic/precision/math behind it. For me, making music is satisfies both my emotional and logical sides.

  3. "Why do you want to play the viola?" gets met with, "I don't know, why would I want to eat chocolate brownies?" They nod, and the conversation moves on. 🙂

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