About an hour south of Washington, DC, nestled between acres of rolling farmland and a two-block colonial downtown area is the Wellbourne Inn. An old farmhouse that has, since the 1770s, been lived in, added onto, loved and adored by the thousands who visit it each year.

downtown colonial Middleburg

And now it’s our turn!

While the dates are still up in the air, I’d like to get some information to help me curate the retreat, mostly about what your priorities are, how much single or double occupancy rooms matter, food choices, all that good stuff. It’s going to be just me on faculty for the first run, and my main goals are to offer a truly special experience that combines intensive work on technique, practice structure and musicianship with the restorative benefits of a remote location and time to unplug from the everyday.

Wellbourne Inn front door
horse-drawn carriage arriving at Wellbourne

A few things I know already:

  1. This will be a cold-weather months event. The Inn is booked solidly during the warm months. If there is inclement weather, there is no fee for cancelling. We only pay if we show up.
  2. From the early interest I’m getting from local cellists, the first camp will be for intermediate to advanced students. As a ballpark, the range of ability starts:
    • minimum Suzuki book 4 level repertoire underway
    • familiarity with 1st-4th position and the midpoint harmonics
    • the most advanced students should be working on intermediate concerti and sonatas
  3. Although there is no audition, I’d like a Skype appointment or a video recording to make sure your level is appropriate for the camp. Too advanced, and you’ll feel stunted. Not advanced enough, and you’ll feel demoralized. With that in mind…
  4. I want to do camps for ALL KINDS of cellists, including beginners and advanced players! If you have access to a space that could host 4-8 cellists plus a faculty member or two, please let me know!
Red Fox Tavern, since 1728. Superb food and atmosphere.

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One of three fireplace common areas.
If you like clawfoot tubs, you’ll like Wellbourne.

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2 Responses

  1. Emily,
    What a beautiful setting. What is the length of the retreat (weekdays or long weekends)? Is it easily accessible for those who would be flying?

    1. It would be Thursday late afternoon through Sunday afternoon. It’s about an hour from Dulles, and the final mile or two is dirt road- so if you rent a car, keep that in mind! Would you be flying with your cello? Buying a ticket for it? Renting something when you arrived? It seems like airlines are making it harder to fly with instruments, even when you buy a seat for them.

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