There hasn’t been much cello-y news until now. Since my last post, I’ve been seen by an amazing physical therapist who works with a bunch of the NHL guys. He did some manual decompression of my neck and back, and for about ten minutes, I was nearly high. It was the first time I was pain free in the past 20 years! It was as if there had been a radio playing static every moment of every day— and suddenly someone switched it off. I was beside myself, laughing and crying, driving too fast down Glebe Road.

Then, last week, I got a call from my doctor in Baltimore: the Botox injections have been approved! I don’t know if they will produce huge results: I don’t dare hope. But it’s something.

For you SCOR people: I won’t be back, alas. They sent an email describing me as “inspiring” but said they needed someone with the stamina to perform. Alrighty, then.

Oh, and my Skype studio is really blossoming. Some people are even taking full-time, while others just want a new opinion on old issues every now and again. Just a wee plug, in case you’ve considered it and have been shy. 🙂

If you’d like to see what I’m up to more recently, you can check out my new project. It’s pretty meagre right now, but hopefully will become something useful and entertaining.

With love and cello-y solidarity,


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