Veterans Day.

This morning, I was scanning what people had to say in their blogs and various social media outlets. One guy, a friend of mine, said something to the effect of “Happy lip service day! Too bad we keep making cuts to the VA budget…”

While I agree that few budgets should be preserved ahead of those designed to take care of our servicemen and women, the tone of the comment was bothersome.

Stepping onto my soapbox for just a moment, I’d like to challenge people who offer vitriol and outrage to find the underlying convictions that drive those clever quips. Find them and instead of being another whining voice, go DO something about it. You want better for our military? Then write to your representatives. Every month. Donate. Get involved. Buy the next person you see in uniform their cup of coffee. Thank them and shake their hand. Go to a base and volunteer. Buy a round at the bar. Correspond with a deployed soldier. Send care packages. Be relentless and vocal in your support, year round. Most of all, take a cue from the very people your griping is designed to assist. Don’t assume someone else is going to do it.

We may not be able to quickly reorganize how our government pisses away the money our vets have rightfully earned, but in the end this is about people. Individuals. You can make a big difference in the life of an individual if you put your mind to it. Resist the urge to be a complainer. Most of all, try and muster a good mood. Brass tacks, you’re the reason they do what they do.

I spent today with a retired US Army Colonel. We toasted the occasion and our good fortune with an ’07 Peirano Estate Cabernet.

Happy Veterans day to all of us, even the complainers.




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  1. First, thank you. So many have given so much and have been so easily forgotten, we need to remember and give thanks any way we can. You’re right it’s the simple things, a handshake and a thank you on behalf of a grateful nation a few dollars sent to the USO. And most of all our prayers that they stay safe and come home to their loved ones. We owe a great debt to them all.

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