It seems like self-promotional small potatoes to post about my next book after the shock and tumult of this week, but working on it serves as a diversion from the feelings of helplessness and despair that come from living in an experimental democracy.

Since my first “new book” post during the summer, it’s changed format somewhat, and may change again, based upon feedback I get between now and the time I get a few test proofs circulated amongst a few students and colleagues.

For now, it’s going to be a smaller format: 9×6, a mini dictionary of techniques, common issues, vocabulary stuff, pointers, stories, and stick figure illustrations. With any luck, it will be a chubby little book that is as useful to keep next to your stand as it is enjoyable to read with a cup of tea (or large flagon of wine, or perhaps some Scotch).

As for a title, I was riffing on A Modern Cellist’s Manual, trying out A Practical Cellist’s Lexicon, or something like that. I like that both titles have a serious sound to them, but the books have plenty of outright silliness dispersed throughout the content.

Here’s a snippet to (hopefully) tempt you!




If you’d like to be on the receiving end of a proof copy for review (you’ll have to send it back, though!) send me an email or sign up for updates below! I’ll order 5 of them or so, and would love it if you would have a look through and give me your thoughts.

much love and cello-y solidarity,


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