Last year, I nearly had a retreat set up when the venue ended up falling through. I’d like to do a few small 3 or 4 day workshops around the country (or any country, really), and I turn to you in search a place to hold them! Criteria:

  1. A space that is largely available for 3-4 days, Thursday through Sunday. Can be a church, synagogue, school, community center, campsite, whatever. Needs several rooms for private practice, lessons, group activities.
  2. A space that is not prohibitively expensive to use. I’m going to do these initial retreats on a “by suggested donation” basis, to include as many people as possible. I would love a venue that would do the same for us. If I made any money, I would of course, offer a percentage.
  3. Preferably near a major metro area with the massive caveat that if it’s unbelievably beautiful (Sedona, Arizona and Finger Lakes NY…I’m looking at you), it’s worth the drive!
  4. Has some kind of accommodation nearby. Nothing fancy, but indoor plumbing and safety are non-negotiable.

As far as the workshop curriculum, it will be me and another instructor (probably) and will involve morning gentle yoga, private and group lessons, ensemble work, some music history, a workshop session addressing some fundamental aspect of playing, and then an hour each day of “elective” instruction: specific to each student. So it could be music theory, ear training, symphonic playing…whatever you feel is missing from your overall knowledge base. Ideally, there would be a massage therapist on call, so you return home relaxed, edified, and groovy.

Let me know: contact (at) emilywright (dot) net. ♥


pictured above: a dreamy retreat space in Thailand. 

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