There is $6000 left to raise and 60 hours remaining in the campaign to fund Henri, and I’m sorting through mixed emotions as I prepare for the shortfall.


Of course, this blog has made a name for itself via “sorting through mixed emotions”, so there’s that.


In the real world, this is not defeat. I have come to see the generosity of friends and strangers alike, and put a significant bite into the balance that remains. Some of it is nearly too kind, too good for my tremulous mind to consider at length because it’s hard to explain sobbing openly to friends of friends at what is supposed to be a lighthearted lunch. I am staggered by each donation. I know that most donors are shouldering their own heavy load of financial obligation, and that hard work was done for each dollar given. Work that means time away from family and loved ones. Time spent dealing with a difficult boss, maybe. Time spent waiting for recognition or appreciation, time spent hoping you move from being a temp to a permanent position. Time spent under pressure of a deadline, or working the night shift. I feel these sacrifices personally, and with urgency.


Thank you for this incredible gift. On the surface, it looks like donors gave this cello-less cellist money for a cause, but I know that it’s so much more than that. You give of yourselves, and I am struggling to come to terms with the gravity and selflessness of the gesture. I really am quite at a loss for words, for once.


With affection,







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