Early July calls for mostly sunny skies, some fireworks, with a chance of Emily coming up the 15, 70 and 35 through CO, NE, IA and MN!

Everything is tentative, but it looks like I will be once again making a little road trip through the middle of the US, and if you’re in one of the cities close to my path and would like a lesson, please contact me!

EDIT: or maybe this?

or this?

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  1. All my friends have had…unexplained…events going through there. I'm leaving LA at 3am just to make sure I'm out of Alien Land by nightfall. 🙂 I really do love roadtrips, even solo. I considered bringing Lucy, but decided against it.

  2. No way, Emily! You'll have to share these stories. I'm getting ready to go on a road trip to Maine and back starting early morning Saturday. My roadtrip to CA (from DE) last Dec. was pretty awesome. Can't wait to do it again this December.

    Have fun. Make sure to make some fun stops along the way.

  3. Wow! That looks amazing!

    I have no idea what CO, NE, IA and MN mean… I am guessing colorado, nebraska, iowa and .. maybe minnesota? (i may have just embarrased myself badly) Sounds like you have a pretty awesome summer lined up.

    Going on a proper american road trip is basically the reason I want to move to the US!

    Also, thanks for the comment re:extensions, I have now given myself full permission to suck at them, and just be thankful that I have long fingers!

    (Also, if your road trip gets you as far as the UK or Belgium, let me know, i'd love a lesson!)

  4. H: ding ding ding! We have a winner! Minnesota it is. If I don't get any responses from the middle people (I have MN) I may take the alternative route around the Rockies through Wyoming and South Dakota, some of my favorite land on earth. I spent my childhoods in the car, trekking each summer from one end of the country to the other. Aside (maybe) from purchasing my current instrument for me, it was the greatest thing my folks ever did on my behalf.

    Where are you in the UK? I lived there for about a year and a half, in Kingston upon Thames and in a weeeeee little village called Dobcross in the countryside where they still fight over whether it's Yorks or Lancs. 🙂

  5. I vote for last route because that means you'll be going through New Mexico… heh. I loved the drive past Texas and New Mexico was pretty awesome to drive through. Damnit, I'm getting the road trip itch! G'thing I leave for one tomorrow >:)

  6. Yeah, I vote for the New Mexico route too! That's where I want to be someday. We hit a very intense flash flood with lightening crashing around us while driving through NM awhile back. I screamed into a pillow the whole time, Paul was driving, thank goodness!

  7. One of my best friends is from kingston upon thames! I've never been there though. Lancashire and Yorkshire are amazing – they have some of the most beautiful scenery in the UK I think, I love it round there!

    I am in Nottingham. Not so glamourous, but a fun place to live!

    It's tough to get a good road trip going in the UK, only takes about a day to get anywhere from Nottingham because it's bang in the middle of the country!

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