Yesterday was Fridge Day.

At the end of Tuesday’s efforts, I put all of the moldy nightmare food left by the AU s̶t̶u̶d̶e̶n̶t̶s̶ savages in the freezer, in an attempt at stench abatement. I actually heaved outside after handling a garbanzo salad that expired right on my birthday. I’m a Libra. Hoiiiii.

Later, I put the Frozen Apocalypse into several trash bags and probably ruined the environment with the bleach I hastily poured over the toxic fuzz clinging to the fridge.


Amusing to note:

This is the ceiling in the basement loo. It’s mint green. There is also a radiator. On the ceiling. Painted mint green.


This doesn’t look like a fire hazard at all. Whew. plug

Who does work like this and walks away feeling like they’ve done something well? That white pipe leads, on the outside of the wall, to the shower head, which has another pipe connected to it that leads through the ceiling. The tub is a real shame- it looks like it was originally clawfoot cast iron/porcelain and now it’s encased in an amalgam of plaster and mysteryboard. If this was a keeper house, it would already have been liberated. I’m just going to put up a nice shower curtain and pretend it’s not there.


The living room is actually quite lovely and bright. The dissonance between the way the window is squared up and the way the pass-through is done triggered a touch of vertigo. Although it could have been bleach fumes. I wish I could strip the paint off all of the trim and restore the wood. That always seems like healing.


Today, I think I shall clean and paint the space that will be my studio. Seems like the right gesture.


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