If you had any questions about it, now you have an answer. You should play some cello. You just should.

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  1. The "lunch" part always makes me giggle.

    My biology teacher in high school had MS. She sat in a motorized wheelchair most of the time. If you walked down the hall with her, she'd play a joke on you and ever-so-slightly gradually speed up her chair so you'd be running to catch up with her.

    Amazing how people with conditions and disabilities like that still find humor in life.

  2. There's something so terribly sad about this interview. I feel that the interviewer is kind of assaulting, and that Jackie is trying to speak under a sort of sedation, resulting from her horrible degenerative disease.

    Disregarding Elgar's indication of "Nobilemente?" Come on. She's absolutely right, of course. I imagine something inside her wanted to throttle the interviewer, but she remained poised and restrained.

  3. Elaine: it's a funny dynamic, because I think the interviewer may be someone who is actually quite sympathetic to her, but is awfully inelegant. He deserved a swat, for sure.

    This is why I posted this particular clip. We should play while we can, what we can, as much as we can. As polarizing a figure as Jackie is, one this is for certain as we see her labor for words: she is still there. I find her radiant, even in a subdued state. You can't keep a good woman down. Or away from lunch.

  4. Thanks for sharing this Emily! There was a lot more going on inside her brain housing group then she was able to articulate. 🙂

  5. The interviewer is Christopher Nupen – they were friends & he's the person who made the "Jacqueline DuPre & the Elgar Concerto" Documentary… the interview is part of what would later become a re-edited introduction to that film (I've never seen the original) … if you watch the first vidoe clip of the interview, it's both less painful, and Jackie talks about how someone who knew Elgar told her that Elgar did wildly different things from his markings.

    Also, for what it's worth, Christopher Nupen is a large part of the reason many people (myself included) have heard of Jacqueline DuPre at all.

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