This poor blog! Withering and fading from neglect. It’s been a combination of frenetic activity, other priorities, and to be truthful, not having much to say (that would be appropriate for this venue, at least). Still, I don’t mind a dwindling internet life so much. There are richer things to behold than the telemetry for […]

for your listening pleasure

This is one of my favorite old-timey songs. It’s been that kind of day: swaying around the house, listening to crackly mono recordings, looking through old magazines, drinking experimental iced tea blends. I hope you take a moment to sway a little, yourself. Buy more Billie Holiday here.

A proud Veterans Day, no thanks to Finale.

I had gotten a lot of requests for my arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner, so I thought, “This morning, I’ll notate it and put it up. Won’t that be nice?” Of course, since it involved FAILnale Finale software, I had to write some stuff in, like the counterpoint lines. Perhaps it is possible with […]

Why Music People Should Love Sports, Part 1

I have been working on this monster epic post, and it’s about to crush me! As you can guess from the title, it’s about music and sports, the two things I love just about as much as anything.* Trying to describe, let alone sell reluctant classical music types on the whole-grain goodness of sports in […]

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