This poor blog! Withering and fading from neglect. It’s been a combination of frenetic activity, other priorities, and to be truthful, not having much to say (that would be appropriate for this venue, at least). Still, I don’t mind a dwindling internet life so much. There are richer things to behold than the telemetry for a blog, and someday soon I’ll have more to say about this evolving musical life of mine.

You know the best thing about teaching music courses to non-majors? You get to remember music. Not instruments, not technique, or history or structure. Not department politics and auditions or royalty checks or things that can be failed at or stolen or compromised- ruined, bought and sold. I suppose this is why I have always gravitated towards adult students. For the vast majority, they’re in it for the right reason.

They want to be vessels for the music.


Me too.











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  1. Dear Emily,
    don´t feel for a minute under any pressure to feed the blog. Do what feels right to you. Write when you feel like it. Be assured that everything you write is being ready with care and kindness, at least on my part, even if you write not very often.
    What I admire and appreciate even more than your advice or lessons on cello playing is your honest, humble, often funny views of life, your life, your joys, your weaknesses, and your often astounding insights into what makes life so great. This why I have your blog in my RSS feeder.
    Cheers, e um abraço, as we say here in Brazil.
    PS: The film clip is wonderful, brings tears to one´s eyes. Have to see that whole movie again.

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