focus on: at-home prevention and treatment

I’ll do a more substantial update on TOS and my most recent surgery, which was a two-level disc replacement in my cervical spine on April 3. But for today, I’d […]

the long and (re)winding road, part 3

A slight rewind. On October 20, 1997, my parents and I were in a car accident. They had come into LA to celebrate my birthday, and as we crossed Nordhoff […]

the long and winding road, part 1

I had a lot of time to think, driving back and forth from Heartland SCOR this weekend. It’s about 12 hours round trip from Minneapolis to Le Claire, Iowa. This […]

vintage srcb, part 3: pinky pressure

Originally posted 9 January, 2008. This, and the next one, are two of the most popular posts on SRCB, according to the Google-mo-tron.   Another darling of our community, CelloGirl has […]

Borodin 2, in a day.

As part of my gig at AACC, I come in every other week and play with their orchestra and do stuff like run sectionals and make terrible puns from the […]

Oniony practice

There are many ways in which practice, especially as a rumored professional, evokes the oniony images. First off, it makes you cry. ha. What I’m after today are the peeling […]

dammit, YouTube

In response to and support of GottaGoPractice’s Fauré efforts of the same ilk, I was posting “relaxed Dvorak” videos over on YouTube. This one ran longer than 10 minutes due […]

Pretty good!

For those of you who aren’t doing the whole Twitter thing, a quick hello from ulnar recovery 2009! Right after the surgery, I could feel more of my pinky and […]

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