Summer leaves the student musician with two options.


1. Get completely rusty and sound like Dorky McDorkersons come September.




2. Be completely invigorated and sound like RockStar McAwesomepants come September.


Like Black Sheep said: the choice is yours.


Just a few summer music opportunities for kids:

Levine School Music and Arts day camp (DC)

Aspen Music festival* (CO)

Gold Coast Music festival (CA)

UMD Youth Music camp (MD/DC)

New York Summer Music festival (NY)

UNC Greensboro Music camp (NC)

Idyllwild Arts* (CA)

Interlochen* (MI)

Ithaca (multiple programs, NY)

 Philadelphia International Music festival (multiple programs, PA)


Sampling of summer music opportunities for adults:

Interlochen Adult camps (MI)

Fairbanks Summer Arts festival (AK)

Rocky Ridge (CO)

SummerTrios (PA)

Crowden (CA)


Of course this is not comprehensive. Feel free to include submissions in the comments section. Most programs have registration that closes in April.


*for advanced students only

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9 Responses

  1. I love the Aspen Music Festival. I haven’t been since around 2002, but I was in Aspen several times during the Festival in the ’60s and ’70s. I didn’t attend the school, just the performances.
    You will die if I don’t tell you that the pot holders I use in my kitchen came from the Aspen Music Festival store. No need to thank me, it’s what I do. 😉

  2. I’m going to Summertrios this year, and the application deadline was March 1st. They still take apps for space-available with a $50 late fee. Another fine camp for adults I have attended in the past is SummerKeys in Maine. Instrument rather than chamber-centric. And the two Manhattan Quartet camps (WI and NY) are fun for advanced players.

  3. Two additional camps for adults that I know of, might appeal to us east-coast types: CelloSpeak in Bryn Mawr, PA – check them out at They have two options for week long camps. The other “Scor!” has a 3-4 day offering, they’re located out of Rochester, NY – but they do a bunch of camps in NY, FL, TN, GA and MD…check them out at Both will do private lessons in addition to ensemble sessions. CelloSpeak does an entire cello orchestra!!! Wheeee!!!! Scor! has a “Cello Fiesta” the day before camp actually starts. Pack a sombrero! So much cello-happiness I can hardly contain myself!! How can I choose?!

  4. Emily! your blog is awesome. And it has a great name. You sound busy and happy, which is a difficult balance to strike. Maybe I should try lindy hopping….I too have a cello blog, I’m a cellist in London. I’m in a quartet that aranges its own stuff, and I started blogging about it. My blog is in its infancy but I thought you might want to check it out… I tweet under @strungoutblog and @ravenquartet. I’m going to try and be Rockstar Mcawesompants all year round.


  5. What a wonderful, fresh and vibrant blog. It’s heading into winter in Australia, where I live, and I’m just about wanting that big warm summertime back reading this.

    1. Thank you! It should start humming with more activity in the next few weeks. Enjoy spring now on our way to a hopefully warm and wonderful summer.

  6. Just finished 4 days of cello heaven at the SCOR Atlanta camp. SCOR is the string experience for adults, all levels from true beginner to advanced are welcome at the Rochester camp which runs from July 10-14 this summer. Orchestra, chamber music groups with coaching, technique instruction, and an incredible opportunity to live and learn with adult musicians. We eat and sleep at a minimum. Mostly play and share ideas and music in a welcoming environment! I learned so much in Atlanta- going to Rochester as well! Check it out at

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