While we’re waiting for some more upgrades, I wanted to share two things:

1) This video. I am pretty sure it’s a joke, but it is not dissimilar to people I have witnessed at the college level! You gotta laugh. Otherwise you cry.

2) I’m having some of my students work their scales from the top down this week and next. Scales always seem harder when they’re descending. So, for every time you go up, climb back down 5 times. Yes, with a metronome. Make Shane Lee proud.

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5 Responses

  1. One of my favorite things to do is what I call reverse ladders …

    By ladders, I mean add a note (A, A B, A B C, A B C D, etc) … and then, reverse would be starting at the top

    It's a great challenge & I think it really solidifies each step of the scale more than doing it in the traditional way. I think it's best for learning fingerboard geography and strengthening muscles (after all, you're doing a *much longer* scale at that point).

  2. Everybody listen to Mike! That's a great exercise, and although I do stuff like that myself, I think it's time I started prescribing them to my students! Wo0t! Great comment, man.

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