Gah, remember that page? So many things have changed since the founding of this blog 12 years ago, including the way I think about playing, teaching, and learning. It’s actually a little painful to go back through some of the things I wrote back then, full of swagger and a desire to feel relevant and understood. I suppose it’s a better option than being impervious to arrogance and resistant to growth, but oh, these twinges of embarrassment are persistent as I revisit these ramblings.

Why was I re-reading in the first place? I’ve had many people suggest that I turn selected posts into my next book: so after a friend did a scrape of the raw text, I paled as I found page after page whose heart may have been in the right place, but the lexicon was not one I draw from too often.

So I’m going back through and editing this thing down to become a more current, inclusive, and hopefully insightful collection of articles. Wish me luck!

Yours in cello-y solidarity,


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