Everyone has reacted to the changes brought about by covid-19 differently. Many of my musical colleagues have become prolifically creative; the sudden confinement and lack of performance outlets funneling their energies into new compositions and inventive self-accompanied recordings.

I, on the other hand, have felt quiet and reflective: my Popper practice in particular has become a sacred ritual as the dreams of founding a music camp for adult learners have been put on hold. Things are still moving forward. Filings are being made. Boards of directors, slowly chosen. Names, signed on applications.

In the meantime, I thought it might be useful and fun to wake up this blog with a few weeks of “Dear Emily” style content.

The brief: send me a short video (2 minutes or less) of you playing something that is giving you a hard time, and I’ll post it, along with my own video response and a practice prescription designed to help you work through the issue. It’s useful for students to see what others struggle with, and a great opportunity for you to get an objective point of view from someone who truly loves working on everything from the fundamentals to the finer points of interpretation and musicianship. Submit links to videos (via YouTube) to contact at emilywright dot net. Email me a description of what’s going on, and we’ll go from there. Make sure both left and right hands are fully visible for the entire video!

This is a no-troll zone, and comments will be moderated accordingly. All advice given will be from a place of deep compassion and respect. ❤️

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