It’s been a fabulous week of playing, meeting, planning and general mayhem. It looks like I’ll be heading into the studio around the end of summer to record an EP. September should be an exciting month. By then I hope I’ll have found someplace that would like someone like me to give a seminar or work as an adjunct. You know, music history taught through the lens of dance. Pedagogy, character and purpose. Rebranding the musical skill set: practical applications. Cello on fire: the private studio of Emily Wright. I’m looking all over: Los Angeles, Nashville, Austin, Raleigh/Durham, Seattle. Let me know if you are someone who is in a position to bring me to a new locale. Until then, Baltimore has come absolutely alive with new opportunities and kindred spirits. As it turns out, sometimes all you have to do is ask.

The other Rock and Roll, Part 2.

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