If you are interested in this (or future retreats), please subscribe to the mailing list (halfway down the main blog page) or send me an email, and I’ll add you- so you can be kept in the loop and we can get this thing scheduled!

As for timing, I’m waiting on Wellbourne for final available dates, but it will be sometime in January, February, or March. February holds the most risk of cancellation and travel complications due to snow. It rarely happens, in the area, but the DC Metro region is uniquely underprepared for even an inch of snow on the ground.

The session will run from a Thursday late afternoon through Sunday mid-afternoon. Each day will consist of breakfast, a brief morning seminar, individual lessons, a break for lunch, a few more lessons, time for practice, a brief evening seminar, and then a lovely dinner together. Sound good? Sign up! I promise I won’t email all the time or try and sell things.


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