I have neglected this blog lately, but for good reason. Between teaching private lessons, starting the new college gig, performing, and attending more dance events than is actually humanly possible, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.


Just the way I like it!


I’m thinking about doing a workshop series here in the mid autumn. Say, October? The weather will be splendid so travel should be a cinch. Of course, it will have to be scheduled around USC football games. The air has the first signs of crispness, and the tree in the back yard is already surrendering its green to a pale yellow. While I can go on at length about colors changing and the different light, I really know it’s fall when I hear this. If you’re not a CFB person, try not to hate me. If you are, I’ll see you bright and early this Saturday.

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  1. I was never quite clear on the lyrics of the last verse, so I looked them up.

    “And if you want a little thing in your ying-yang
    If you want a little zing in your zang-zang
    If you want a little ching in your chang-chang
    Come along (Come along)
    Ya we’re coming to your city.”

    Seems like a tall and ambiguous offer. I don’t know, man. I wasn’t aware I had a zang-zang, let alone you banging on my door to put your zing in it. Good day, sir. Also, go WVU.

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