I thought it might be fun to answer some questions from the good folks on Twitter, so here goes:


@mstcambot asks:

1. Do cellists like violinists? When I played in middle school, the pecking order seemed to be violin, cello, bass, and then the one guy who played viola. It was sad.

After high school, violists have revenge on the rest of us, because they are in short supply (and thus working all the time) and in my experience, have some of the mellowest dispositions in the whole orchestra. As for violinists, I like them just fine, for the most part. What you’ll find is that people tend to look for mirrors of themselves when their colleagues are their friends, as is the case for most musicians. I know many instrumentalists that have strategic friendships in the orchestral world, and I have seen my group of friends shift depending on who I was dating or whether I was in vogue with one contractor or another. So I like violinists, and tubasists….and most everyone, so long as they return my phone calls whether I’m a gig generating machine or not.


2. Rosin. Amazing thing, or the most amazing thing?

Amazing thing. Millant-Deroux, ftw.


3. Have you written any music?

Loads. Most of it as a ghost writer for tv, although I have done a fair amount of string writing for rock bands and the like. I’m also good at being invited to recording sessions and obnoxiously inserting little bits and pieces here and there. Right now, I’m working on an EP of original stuff, as well as trying to hone my chops with a group of musicians in DC who meet every week or so to hash out ideas.  I feel exposed, like a sham, completely out of my element. So I guess that means I’m learning.


4. How do you like Baltimore? I was born here, so I’m forced to like it. 😉

Some would use that as a reason not to like it! I love Baltimore. It has welcomed me with open arms, and I’m gigging more here, DC and NY than I was in LA! Highlights include life in the Inner Harbor, fireflies (saw my first one Saturday night!), Ft. McHenry, and swing dancing.


@EmilyDoesThings asks:

I know you’ve done all sorts of gigs, but what is your favorite genre to participate in?

Rock. (that covers everything from electro-experimental to singer-songwriter) The scene is so alive, and although I would die and go to heaven to be in a gypsy jazz Django Reinhardt ensemble, I think that the rock world is much more congruent to my sensibilities. It’s safe to say that classical music tends to eat its young: its narrowness is driving it right out of business.


@manusclamantes asks:

What are some things you regularly check on your instrument to monitor how it changes?

I went over that in some detail in this post a while back- Let me know if it helps, or if you have anything to add. One thing is for sure: my cello has gone completely jackass out here with the humidity. Hello Luis and Clark? One carbon fiber cello to go, please.


Part two, with answers for @OwlDaughter, @CatePolacek and @Michael_Tuchman coming up tomorrow!



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  1. Never understood the anti-viola sentiment (of course, I’m studying the thing, so I should feel that way). It’s like a violin but it sounds like Aretha Franklin. Who wouldn’t want to play one?

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