As the blogsophere continues to change under the fickle and shifting sands of internet cachet, one thing remains: good stuff is good stuff. The advent of Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr has made it easy for anyone with access to the internet and an inclination to opine to have a nice-looking page from which to shout their self-indulgent jackassery. Heck, part of the reason I’ve not written as much is that I am tempted by the same sententious muse.

All of this is preface to the following pages I find to be consistently meaningful, well-written and insightful.


Marion Harrington

Quickie bio: Globe-trotting clarinet maven and envelope pusher.


Jenn German: If it ain’t Baroque

Who dat? Old fashioned joke-telling. Composer cagematches. Musicology. Heck yes.


Elaine Fine: Musical Assumptions

In a nutshell: A well-considered take on everything from classical performance practice to Old Blue Eyes.


Peter Gregson

In 140 chars or less: This guy is living the dream and playing better than just about anyone. Inspiring.


Alexis Del Palazzo: The Sensible Flutist

First word, 4 syllables. Educator. Fluter. Writer. Thinker.


Erica Sipes: Beyond the Notes

Preach! Very personal account of the life of a performer and instructor. Lots of videos and archive.


Chris Foley: The Collaborative Piano Blog

And you are? Part journal, part tumblelog (in a good way), all interesting. Non-pianists should read this.






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