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  1. OMG – this is the BEST word/definition combo YET Emily! I don’t know why exactly, but it does remind me of your post last year when you quit your consulting gig b/c you refused to Kowtow to the Hollywood elite (was that Jamie Fox you were giving lessons to? Probably not, but I took a shot! lol). Anyway, thanks for the giggle Emily! Hoping you are still considering a trip to the East coast sometime this year!

  2. One phrase in that definition kept ringing in my head all day today: “Vanity Project”. That danger really exists, especially for adult beginners. I’m going to turn that around for a bit, and may write on it myself someday soon.

  3. MT: I hope you do. I always like to see what my thoughts provoke in others. Ones that work, I go with; others, I hone until they do. 🙂

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