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  1. Aw shucks! A comment! 🙂

    I keep missing you on Skype! I have a feeling that this may call for drastic measures, or perhaps a mention in the next issue of the newsletter.


  2. I am following from Vigo (Spain). As an adult beginner in cello playing, I hope to really enjoy your blog and also learn a bit!!

  3. Hi Emily,
    been reading & enjoying your blog for a while now — it has such friendliness!

    Loved the newsletter type thing! I chuckled and then paused to nod thoughtfully at Cate's Confessions of a Two-Timing Cello student… I recently had a couple of lessons with a different teacher too, not with the intention of swapping, but just out of pure curiosity's sake, but not without a few guilty pangs. Curiosity satisfied, I'm back in the fold of my original teacher — the adult beginner can be a delicate beast — she wants to get better, but needs to have all her other thoughts and feelings about the whole endeavour kept gently safe.

    Good luck with the audition! (Though the baying-wolf reflections are hands-down winners anyway.)

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