I know I’m totally late to the Stjepan Hauser party, but watching him have a great time with the cello is a reminder of how much fun it is to do this thing we do, and also of the fruits of discipline. It is unmistakable when someone has worked their ass off.

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  1. Thanks Emily! This is so much fun. Sulic is a tad mean–particularly concerning Casals, but he is a fantastic mimic.

  2. Stirring stuff indeed! I look forward to seeing you in their next clip Emily!

    BTW, what are your thoughts on the Luis & Clark cellos?


  3. EF: I think it's Stjepan who is the mimic, and I agree that it may be a little mean spirited…But he's a young guy. Let's see if he tempers it with age. What I can't get over is how his technique changes depending on who he's imitating.

    Anna: I like your sense of optimism. If you run into either of them, let them know I'm looking to do a 3 cello cover of "For Whom the Bell Tolls".

    ….but really, I already have one for "Bizarre Love Triangle". 🙂


  4. Very funny — right up there with Anna Russell's operatic comedy and PDQ Bach. And the guy is fiendishly GOOD!

  5. Wow- I've never heard of Stjepan before and now I'm a fan too. The man's a Muppet. Watching him made me realize how little I watch great cellists, compared to how often I listen to them. Time to hit up the YouTube archives…


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