Rules to Live By!

Patty Mitchell’s blog is great. Upon reading this list of Do’s and Don’ts, I cringed just a little bit. It’s been a while since I was truly immersed in the symphonic world, and the memories of misbehavior (my own as well as that of others) came flooding back.

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  1. Your cartoon is inaccurate. According to the advertisements, you should not only not be wearing a mask, but actually ready to pounce on the next male walking into the room.

  2. @emilycello Ok – this is a TMI comment on my part but I left my manhood pride on the shelf a long time ago. I stopped wearing men’s deodorant sometime around 1993 – while I was in the Marine Corps. Yep, I found that men’s deodorant smelled too much in a field environment, attracted more bugs, and quite frankly did not work that well compared to some lady deodorants. I have also worn panty hose in a field environment to combat against ticks. It sounded crazy at first – but it worked for me while other Marines were busy burning ticks off their… [rhyming game] well – you get it.

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