….in which she begins to develop a neurosis about her hair as it appears from the side. Sigh. I really should just flat iron my hair every day to avoid these calamities. God help me if Nathan or Frankie at Vidal ever sees this. They would call me and heat-style it through the phone!

Ok, more Mendy, this time with some Schroeder thrown in to make sure I’m correcting my problems globally.

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  1. This video series is terrific. So much of what you're talking about covers problems I'm having right now, and it's really helpful to hear/see another cellist's approach in addition to my teacher's. I hear and process the issues and explanations differently when I'm sitting in my office watching you on YouTube, as opposed to sitting making the mistakes in my teacher's studio.

    I'm all about the Eb major these days too, and insecure shifts from 1st to 3rd and extended 3rd position across strings. Sigh. Maybe I'll look at Schroeder 53 today.

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