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  1. These videos are GREAT! (yes, I watched all of your practice with the tuner) Wonderful, practical suggestions for efficient and productive practice. Thanks for the investment in time and effort!

  2. Yay! And the investment is something I need, clearly. I'm lucky that I have a blog with enough traffic to pressure me into working in such a concentrated way.


  3. I can't tell you how useful these videos are to me. To see that a professional cellist does the same things that I do in a practice session helps my lookout immeasurably.

    The wheels come off in my sessions a lot more, though. 🙂

  4. Everytime I read this blog I feel a little better about myself as a cellist, so thank you! Your approach is so encouraging 🙂

  5. Thank you for this video, and the one that preceded it. I got good ideas for my own practice from both. I use my tuner to check intonation, but I haven't been disciplined enough to slow down and play notes long enough to allow the tuner to "catch up" to the sound. As a completionist it is hard for me to break pieces into parts and harder still to break those parts into notes or sounds that aren't really the piece anymore but just fundamentals contained within the piece. Seeing you do just that helps.


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