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  1. wonder how much the downstairs apartment is going for.. it's a 2-bedroom, so it may be too big for you. Neighbors are awesome. Landlord's a little weird, but not a criminal. Pets OK, central air… I'm guessing around $1600 – want me to ask?

  2. Oh Emily! You have had so much more than the average person's share of back luck lately – argh! But you are handling life like a champ – you are! I know you will find a place to live BETTER than your current digs. I KNOW your book will be great! I KNOW that things will get better – maybe not how you thought things would turn out, probably very different in fact. But who knows what's just around the corner, eh? Hope springs eternal!

  3. Emily! Great graphic, awful news! I'm so sorry all these things are raining on you right now. (In this, you didn't even mention the goat!) Small strawberries can barely improve the situation, but I really hope they help. xo

  4. At least you have BeBot to help you keep your spirits up. Hang in there, kiddo! You'll pull through, I have faith. WEEEE-OOOOOO-WOOOOO-WOOO!

  5. Terami: since you have a blog, you know: cheerful comments on one's website are like the internet version of a tiny strawberry. Just one more thing you can keep in mind to spur you on, brighten your mood, and sweeten things up.

    I bet you didn't even know you were related!

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