Lindy hop as metaphor: my instructor constantly has to remind me to wait for a lead and then follow it to the end of the momentum, as I’m awfully clever at guessing what I think will happen…

…and even if that’s not what my partner means, he’s forced to do it anyway. Probably a good approach for the hustle of a self-employed artist. Probably not so good for anything else.



This week’s exercise in letting go: spins in the kitchen and closed eyes on the metro to let the yaw of the train push me where I’m supposed to go.


Let go.
Let Go

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  1. Isn’t Lindy Hop awesome?! 🙂
    I’ve only been following your blog for a little while, but its really awesome to discover a fellow cello AND Lindy Hop enthusiast!
    I’m a beginner cellist, but I’ve discovered a lot of Lindy technique can be applied to practicing cello!

    Relax into your triple steps = relax into the strings
    Release tension and have a nice relaxed “coat hanger” posture = same goes for cello-ing
    Follow through with momentum – wait until you get to the end of the “leash” = can that be applied to bowing? Not sure yet, as my bowing is still iffy!

    Anyway, awesome blog!

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