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  1. OMG – SO beautiful Emily!!!!! Is that you playing? I'd LOVE to see that version on paper – some of those harmonies sound sooooooo nice! Also – do you happen to know the circumstances of that poor fellow crying while playing the accordion? MLK assasination? Kennedy? Any ideas?
    Thanks Emily, and hope you had a wonderful 4th!

  2. Thanks, Brian! The man with the accordion was crying as FDR's funeral cortege passed by. That image has always really stood out in my mind as uniquely American: the women in the background, the reason for the somber mood, the accordion. It's just so touching.

    And yes it's me. It was a quick and dirty GarageBand recording…I even overload the mic at one point! Hee Hee!

  3. Well, for a "quick and dirty" recording, it sounds really fantastic! The dynamics are beautiful, intonation is friggin perfect, LOVE your open G pluck during the "and the rockets red glare" part (I assume that was with your left hand?), and the harmony on "that our flag was still there" and "Banner yet wave" line – Goodness! Sorry to be gushing like this (so embarrassing, I know), but I really enjoyed this and wanted to let you know!

  4. Brian: gush away, please! To tell the truth, I've had a hard time chopping wood and carrying water these past few weeks (sitting on the stumps and being a little down in the ol' mouth, to tell the truth), and that really lifts my spirits. Thank you so much for always having a kind word for me.

  5. Must admit, I didn't listen until I read the comments. That was beautiful, and stirring. Sniff.

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