Designed to be affordable mini manuals for pieces commonly studied, practice guides are packed with miniature exercises, technical reminders, and tips on approach. The first one, La Cinquantaine, is available now for $3.50 here. Stay tuned for more, and drop me a line if you have any requests.

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  1. Hi Emily

    If you could do a practice guide for the Breval cello sonata that’d be awesome. I think it’s pretty a standard intermediate-ish piece, so I’m probably not the only person interested. I’ve worked on it quite a few times, but I just keep getting bogged down and don’t feel like I’m making much progress…



  2. Hi Emily!

    This is a great idea. Sorry so long to catch up. I’ve been off the cello radar lately because my gremlins un-edit my book while I sleep at night. The stupid book generates mistakes faster than I can fix them. I’m going to be buying your practice guide for La Cinq on Friday (that’s when my ‘Slush Fund’ account gets refreshed automatically). It’s really a fantastic way to sell your instructional ideas, since it’s below the price point of fast food or a crappy snack. Instead I can feed my mind, and without the guilt that comes with buying a $20-$30 book.

  3. When I said “without the guilt that comes with ..”, I was NOT referring to your book, which was a good use of funds. I was referring to just being a book junkie in general.

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