Well, it is cold here. I’m finding it more bracing than debilitating, but I’m sure my adrenaline and excitement could be affecting me. Yesterday was a big day. Mimi had an itinerary for me that initially had me occupied from 9-9 straight, but I ended up being done at 6:30. It was actually a relief, because I was not aware that south of Indianapolis is on Eastern time. *singsong*: Jet Laaaaag!

This place is what a music school should be. Old-feeling, stocked to the ever-loving brim with teaching/performing superstars, all of whom are enthusiastic and quick to smile. I managed to sit in on one lesson with Mimi, then it was on to a few hours experiencing what the MME would be like with Brenda Brenner, then watching Susan Moses teach for a while, then onto a too-short visit to the studio of Sharon Robinson, where her students were rehearsing for an upcoming concert in one of the many gorgeous recital spaces.

When a school takes its music seriously, it goes from being a superfluous luxury program to a genuine asset to the music world and the community at large. I knew all of this before coming here, but it is more than a little inspiring to marinate in the environment for a few days. It looks like, if all goes well, I’ll be coming here to do a Master’s in performance with an “outside emphasis” in Pedagogy, hopefully along with some assisting. Woo hoo! Nothing is final, of course, and I suppose I could trainwreck my audition, but I tend to do ok in those situations. Chopping wood et. al.

Tonight, my pal Nicole is coming over from DePauw, and we’re going to have another one of Mimi’s feasts before I leave in the morning for the long drive back to Chicago.

I like this place.

Coming soon: The 12 Days of Cellomas 2009: “Biggest Mistakes” Spectacular!

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  1. Wait a cotton pickin minute – did I hear you correctly Emily???? You will be attending Indiana U. to get a Masters in performance??? That is FANTASTIC!!! How long has this been in the works? I must have snoozed or something, 'cause I wasn't aware this was something you wanted to do. Unless I'm totally confused (very likely). Anyway, hope you are well! I emailed you, btw. Hint hint (haha!)

  2. Well, crap. How am I supposed to randomly come to Indi-freakin-ana to take a lesson or two?

    But really. You're amazing, and I wish you luck in whatever you decide. 🙂

  3. Brian: I'll email you as soon as I get home!

    CG: Darling! If I came from CA to teach you, surely it must be easier to get to ATL from Blomington? 😀

  4. IU rocks. I remember visiting there in the 80's and early 90's to visit my brother (organ performance), and try to get IU to let me play soccer (didn't work). The atmosphere was just as you described it.

  5. Haha – previous cellogirl is NOT me. I was reading her comments and thinking – "Did I write that? I have no memory of it whatsoever!"

    Anyhoo…I didn't know that the Masters in Performance was in the works in Indiana for you. That's fabulous! I would go to Indiana to see you.

    By the way, any hope of adding Atlanta to your east coast tour? I could really really use a lesson or two.

  6. Bella! I am going to come through ATL for sure. Focusing on getting the book done, but as soon as that's set, I'll book my travels. Hurrah Atlanta Cello Group! I have such a plan for you guys. 🙂

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