Day 1 was epic and incredibly emotional. I am overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity that has been shown to me.

Within 4 hours of launch, nearly $3500 had been raised! I was particularly moved by a donation from a professional violinist whom I have never met before and a whopping $2503 contribution from one of my former students in Los Angeles. Wonderfully enough, the perk that was selected was a year of Skype lessons, and I am looking forward to fulfilling it!


As of the time of posting, $3995 had been raised. That means $11,005 remains, putting the per-day  goal at an average of $314. 


Huge love goes to day 1 sponsors:

Lisa Bartholow Hanson

John Trager

Scott Kelley

Greg Stasiewicz

Jeremy Boersma

Jen Lindsay

Christoph Diewald

Poppy Robertson

Michael Cotter

Rex Westen

Marisa Morgan

Craig Swanson

Meerenai Shim

Steve Love

and the 5 wonderful Anonymous contributors.

I do not take any donation for granted, and I thank every one of you who has donated, forwarded a link, shared a status or retweeted my plea.

Link to the fundraiser site here. 

Next week: a video of Henri! For today, this is a picture looking straight down his extravagantly curved face.


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