I want to resuscitate the podcast, and I need your help! So send me questions and comments about anything, and the first 5 people will get a variety of classical CDs, courtesy of a friend who works at EMI. You can ask about technical issues, gear, advice, scandal, gossip, zen and anything else you want to know about! Fire away!

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  1. Wow. 24 hours of silence. I’d still like to hear that podcast on playing fast. I’d also be interested in a detailed description of your wah-wah vibrato exercises. A blow-by-blow of a “typical” practice day with excerpts could be fun, too.

  2. How about the tendency, or syndrome in recital situation, we often make mistakes at the parts where we’ve never made mistakes in regular practices?
    Do you have any idea to cope with it?

    …I don’t expect free stuffs to be shipped to Tokyo. Just pleasure to read your blog!

  3. I’m a new reader!! I’m trying to master D Major extensions at the moment and find it very hard to find much in terms of picture aids. (and when I find text describing it it’s all very different). I have a wonderful teacher but tend to forget things (like muscle memory) the minute I leave his class. Any good diagrams/photos of forward extension you can point me to?

  4. hello,
    i saw your thumb on pictures is fairly stright. What do you think about a curved thumb (apparently because of being double jointed) ?
    is doesnt seem to me the strongest in this shape, but more natural for my hand, unfortunately.

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