As part of this year of recommitment and reflection, I thought I’d pick up a book that was introduced to me as an undergraduate. Kenny Werner is a towering colossus in the jazz world, and a favorite of many music education types. As I re-read, I am so grateful I first encountered it when I was young and open to the message before I could cultivate a visceral reaction to writing styles that are not particularly prosaic. He makes up for it, and then some, if you stick with it.

I was taken by Kenny Werner’s message for a few reasons. Most importantly, I was ready (perhaps even desperate) to receive it. Second, I was dating someone who idolized him, so there was a sense of contagious fervor. Last, I was able to see him play a few times and hear his lecture on the first book tour, and his playing combined with his open, genuine desire for us all to benefit from his approach made him irresistible.

So I’ll give anyone who wants to read it a week to get it in hand, and then I’ll do a few posts here and chat with some colleagues about their reactions to this text on the podcast, launching shortly. I’d love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you might have.

Of course, Amazon sells it, but if you have a local music shop or small book store, try and get it from them first, or here, from the publisher.

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