So after an explosive start, the weekend fundraising was…nominal. I suppose I’m trying to see how things develop organically without cluttering up the internet with frequent posts that will only annoy the people whose support I am trying to cultivate.

As of this post, $4043 has been raised, and there are 34 days left to make up the remaining $10,957. I guess that’s an average of $322 a day, but if the past few days are any indicator, this thing is gonna move in fits and starts. Link to the IndieGogo site here.

A most grateful cellist thanks the following for their donations over the weekend and through yesterday:


Elizabeth Clawson

one anonymous sponsor


On the docket for the next few weeks:

1. Order copies of my book from Lulu for the people who selected them.

2. Lots of stick figure drawing!

3. Packing for a move to a different part of DC. Really looking forward to having an expanded studio space.

4. Make a short recording of Henri to share with you. The main issue is finding a space with good lighting that doesn’t eat all of the sound or end up being an echo chamber.

5. Practice and try to simplify stuff.


The rest (bow rehairing, setting up master classes, website improvements) can wait until August, even though it all feels so urgent ALL THE TIME. 🙂


Super cool Wheel of Fortune card from BeatrizInTransit. 

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  1. Could you republish your blog article about the loss of your former instrument, please? It was very moving.


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