It’s been a crazy week. I was lucky that I could count on Lucy to fill in for me, there. I have 3 days until the book editing party, and I still have to take a bunch more pictures and bolster some chapters. Before I can do that, I have to teach today and tomorrow, go to a farewell party, watch some playoff basketball, continue with my Italian lessons (thanks, CG!) and file a police report in Hollywood. Some dude didn’t like me beeping at him after he sat through 2 green arrows, so he put his car in reverse and slammed into me. Ah, Los Angeles. It pretends to be civilized. Oh, and I also have to send out the CDs of my playlist. It’s made, just not duplicated and addressed. Soon! Buy tickets to Rome, get a hotel room and rental car, organize CelloFest 2009, take my car to the shop


I’m going to have a cup of tea now. Be back soon. Ciao.

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  1. Try to put your exploded particles back 🙂 Sounds like a lot to do but some people seem to thrive when under pressure. I’m sure you’re one of them!

    Oh, and what a jerk that guy was! Did you shake your fists and kick him? Have fun in Rome! (and g’luck with your book!)

  2. He BACKED UP into you? OMG! And this, after you sat thru two green arrows? I’m angry just thinking about it! Did you get his license? Are you having him arrested. You GO girl!!!!!! When you leave for Rome, try and leave behind all of these worries – I know, easier said than done. But you have a wonderful trip, you so deserve it!

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