I have no idea how Lucy has such technical know-how, but this just happened (you may need to click to enlarge):

Chat with Lucy


The fundraiser got me a huge start towards purchasing Henri, and I have a sense that things will work out with time. If you missed the Indiegogo campaign, donations can be sent directly to Potter Violins. Just add a note referencing my name, and it will be applied to the balance, which is about $6000 at the time of this posting.

As things were in full swing, I also moved from my small studio apartment into a semi-detached house a few miles away. It still looks a little like they took our possessions, loaded them into a dump truck, and forced them through every door, window and crevice. I have no idea where most stuff is, with the exception of one remarkably curved cello and a metric ton(ne) of sheet music.

One bonus is I now have a more proper teaching space, and I’m going to lobby for the majority of my students to come to me. On my biggest driving/teaching day, I am out of the house from 10am until 7:30pm…

…to teach 4 students. I end up hitting rush hour on nearly every DC thoroughfare, from 95 to the Beltway to Wisconsin Ave. I try breathing exercises and language learning podcasts to ease the sensation that my life is slipping away between lessons behind the wheel of an aging Honda with the slightly rattly rear speaker and a missing floor mat.

Hopefully they’ll understand. Lucy is right. I am looking older.

Next on the docket: all of the thank yous and perks for the campaign, and setting up regular times to make good on the charity work that was part and parcel of the fundraiser. It worked out to nearly exactly 150 hours that are due! I am actually really excited to serve these causes. As of right now, I have submitted paperwork to each cause, and am waiting on clearances and schedule coordination. I wonder what they’ll have me do- I told them that it could be musical or not, so it could be anything.

The final round of online thank-yous, for the final week and a half go to:


Wendy Lazarus

Jeremy Castillo

Ceri Young

Michael Tuchman

Sheri Girgenti

Sandra Knopf

Emily Ann Peterson

Lucas the Flying Cat (yep. a cat! wO0t!)

Natalie Wright

Peter Wright

and 5 Anonymous sponsors

Thank you to my Cello Family. As always, you are the bright side of this tough situation, and my outlandish good luck never ceases to amaze me.

Much love and perhaps more affection than is appropriate,


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4 Responses

    1. OH MY GOD! Lucy has been sending letters, writing emails…but this guy is way ahead of his time. Hope he doesn’t think we stole his idea. 🙂

  1. I love the cat talk. Good luck with that cello Emily. I’m glad you have a good place to teach now. Driving around is such a waste of time and gas.
    I always enjoy your blog.
    And thanks to Boni for the louis vs rick link. That’s fun.

  2. A bit of a tangent, I admit, but what language? What method?
    We’ll continue to help where we can.

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