The second text is underway, slated to be something of a reverse how-to manual. I’m going to have some additional sections where experts (other teachers, psychologists, physicians) offer corroborating information, too- but will keep those close to the chest for now. My aim is to present a humorous and thorough exploration of the things intelligent, well-meaning students do that sabotage success, lead to injury, and contribute to misery- and of course, offer fixes for them. Yes, there will be stick figures. And yes, it will be written with greatest affection and respect for you few, brave souls who dare to practice art that is audible to the rest of the world.

Table of contents, 1/19/2016


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      1. If you order it from Lulu press, then yes. I have no idea about the Amazon stock; although to be fair, the only difference in the second printing is the removal of a single typo. 🙂

        1. Thanks Emily..
          I live in an area in NSW Australia (Northern Rivers) where pro cello teachers are not available….although I have only yesterday made further enquiries regarding this….I have seen this book is recommended for beginners through to advanced cellists…my question is, is it possible to learn solo??

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