Finally whipped up the next 2 chapters in the YouTube series previewing AMCM. Recorded in the conservatory of the Josephine Butler center here in DC.


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  1. Hey Emily – thanks for adding these videos, they’re a great complement to the book. I have a photography comment, for future books/videos: your camera for this video, and for the book, seems to have been set to auto white balance, which means the camera makes a whole lot of guesses about the environment and tries to adjust colour accordingly. Unfortunately, even very high-end cameras are _really_bad_ at this! Page 10 of the book illustrates this – the colour of your wall appears to change between pictures 🙂 You can work around this by using white balance presets on our camera (or custom balance if you’re feeling fancy). There’s lots of info online – here’s a page that’s got a more coherent explanation than mine:

    Now I’m off to practice shifting…


  2. Videos are a great supplement to the manual. I went through that chapter of the manual a few months ago (I remember the karate-chop analogy) and the video makes it even more helpful.


  3. I liked your comment about just asking where you wind up and getting something useful out of the distance.

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