It’s hard to narrow things down to ten main tenets, but I think these cover most of the important things. I’ve had overwhelmingly positive experiences with students- perhaps 1% had some degree of unpleasantry at some point, but because of the deeply personal nature of the work, it’s worth working hard to continually shave that number down ever more. I’ll admit, most of the bad behavior stemmed from my own weakness and desire to please people: I had not been clear or strong enough in my initial relationship building, and then things went south when I had been pushed too far and the student was upset that I had seemingly changed the rules. Other times, there was just too much undealt-with baggage brought into the studio by one or both of us, and the fit was not right. The rest of the time, I am nourished by and grateful for the energy and goodwill the lesson process offers. What a life I have managed to lead thus far. A lucky life, indeed.

To my students, past, present and future: I promise I will work to deserve your trust, and I hold your effort and vulnerability in the tenderest part of my heart. 🙂

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