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It’s a little rough, but as I start to migrate the blog over to the site, I’m thinking about making some changes. This came into my head this morning, so I thought I would knock it out and see what you guys think. Of course, you know my favorite part.

Full Screen is the best way to view it, btw.

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7 Responses

  1. Interesting … I love the voice and layout …

    It's very friendly, but motivational …

    My practice time usually goes up in summer … sadly, this one has been an exception … hoping to swing things back to normal soon …. so much to do…

  2. Like it muchly, even though the demo crashed my IE. Planned mode of distribution? If by computer, I'd recommend an html format.

    Starting to fee guilty, having not touched my cello for 2 weeks. Working under the premise that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and waiting to feel fond.

  3. Very cute. I like all the articles too. But you've really won me over with your pictures. The B&W monster hand with metronome and the doctored Paul Revere painting are my faves.

  4. GGP: Nope. Play! No fondness required. 🙂 Have a fond-free evening with the cello, just to remind yourself of where the notes are. Like any relationship, it takes work. It's easy to fall out of love and for the thing to become something it's not.



    W: Yeah, you know my game. If I could get away with it, I think I would just screw around with PhotoShop all day and write ridiculous hyperbolic/satirical cello stuff. 🙂 xxoo

  5. Been following the RSS of your blog for a while now and felt compelled to tell you this:

    If the newsletter became a regular thing, something aside from the blog (or even ran alongside it), I would gladly subscribe to it through whatever distribution channel became available.

    I would even contribute though I don't feel I've got much to say, as I am still young and getting my teaching feet wet, so to speak.

  6. I love the newsletter. I would be an avid reader if you decide to continue it.

    I also love the site. You're a great writer. I'm not quite through all 4 years of archives yet, but it's a great read thus far.

    I'm 42 and only 5 months into this journey.

    By the way, congrats on getting through the audition today. You have a great outlook.

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