COVID certainly normalized my utter devotion to the Leggings Lifestyle™️, but even before a vaccine was on the horizon, there were days where I woke up, looked past the volumes of stretchy stuff and searched out something more zesty. Even if I was just going to stay in and write emails but especially if I was going actually to the v. high fashion environment of the post office or the catwalks of the Target aisles, these were moments when a little extra effort helped me remember a part of myself—of my life—that had been on the shelf since well before the lockdown began. The life of a performing cellist.

When I was growing up, finding clothes I liked that were also functional for the cello was not easy! So many cute dresses with straight skirts, or short skirts, or looked like full skirts but then had weird linings that made the cello position impossible. The internet is a great place to find niche stuff, and thanks to our good friends the goths (I love you) there are dozens of brands that make stylish black clothes for gigs and steampunk skirts for non formal performance. But I’m branching out, and specifically looking for small businesses to support even after the pandemic is in our collective rear view mirror. My plan is to shop small for nearly everything going forward.

Today I’m talking about one specific, chic, modern, clothing line, Onion Cut & Sewn by Whitney Mero.

Her entire line is, as the name implies, cut and sewn to order. After ordering, someone on her team contacts you and asks a few questions about sizing, and, thoughtfully, the height heel you want to wear with that specific garment! Tea length stays tea length! Floor length stays where it belongs ON THE FLOOR. Prices are more than fair and she has sales all.the.time.

And before you ask, there is no financial relationship going on between myself and her brand…except that I pay money for the honor of wearing her clothes. 🙂

The following is a teeeensy sampling of her catalogue.

Her Instagram handle is ovonion and that’s where you can find out when things are on sale, as well as get to know this talented designer a little bit. * checks mailbox to see if the animal print circle skirt has arrived yet *

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