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  1. Invariable when talking to others about my cello playing (~ 5 years as an adult), they will make the comment that I really must love it. I generally respond that I don’t but I enjoy making progress.
    I realize that is not quite accurate. I love the cello and I love classical music. The problem is (as you pointed out) my ears are developing faster than my playing …essentially moving the goal every time I get close. I would have been thrilled in year one to sound the way I do now.
    I do enjoy the journey, especially the progress that I have seen in my playing since starting lessons with you. You are helping me fix the things I new I had problems with and more importantly the things I did not (clipping notes).
    Thanks again for taking me on as a student.

      1. While I don’t teach viola, I’m working with basic string playing principles about 95% of the time, if you’d ever like to work over Skype! 🙂

        1. Thanks – I actually have been studying with a teacher for a while. But none of my teachers has ever said what you said in your post: that this is *not* easy, it’s *not* going to sound good all the time (or even much of the time), it’s going to take a while. Or maybe they did say it but I wasn’t ready to hear it, or wasn’t listening. Anyway, I read your post right after a (discouraging) lesson, and it helped. A lot. Thanks again.

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