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  1. Emily,
    I did get the CDs, but haven't been home yet to hear them. My husband told me they came. So I'm really excited to get home to hear them.

    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Emily.
    I passed this video on to many people. And thank you also for the CD's. It's a great eclectic mix (I laughed outloud when I heard the Hawaiian music!)

  3. What a great guy!

    I am 10 mins through and I need to take my doggies for a walk now, but I am going to write that letter to myself while I am walking. I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking.

    Will watch the rest later.

  4. OMG – that was SO GOOOOOD! And I got your CD's on Monday Emily. Eclectic mix indeed! What a wonderful set of tunes!!! I'm gonna stick my neck out here and say my fav is the first track of disc #2 – so beautiful and sad at the same time! I've head this piece – it's used on the soundtrack of a movie I saw, but dern if I can recall.
    Going to email you on a seperate matter today. Have a good Wednesday Emily!

  5. That was good I am preparing to watch it a second time. Loved it, loved it. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  6. just watched the rest of it. lovely!

    i was sitting here nervously waiting for news on a scholarship, but having watched that i have been moved to a completely different mood of optimism.


  7. I'm glad you liked it. I got a lot out of it too. It makes me feel more secure in my teaching philosophy, which I know will com under fire when the book comes out and the harpies descend! What I think is essential is the concentration on the positive, and that we can even change the minds of naysayers (although my previous post was an exhausting example of a failure to do so) by being unwaveringly upbeat. We create our experience, and one of my favorite lines in this lecture was one he tossed off at the end,

    "Time doesn't matter in possibility".


  8. This was really wonderful! I usually tune out and quit watching (short attention span and lots of things to do) but this held me spellbound. I want to embrace my practice mistakes as a gift!

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