About Emily

Emily has been a professional musician and educator for two decades, with writing becoming her primary emphasis starting around 2009. BM in cello performance, CSUN. MS. Ed., Johns Hopkins. Thesis focus: musical interventions in veterans with PTSD and TBI. Frequent contributor to Strings magazine. Occasional hockey blogger and floor sander. Former adjunct professor, lifelong student of writing and wordcraft, current job seeker.


Loves: hockey, cats, aviation, English humor, spy movies, travel, being useful.

Favorite writers: Margaret Atwood, Adam Gopnik, Ernest Hemingway.

Places I’ve lived: Los Angeles, London (UK), Manchester (UK), Baltimore, Washington, DC.

Skills: proofing, copywriting, editing, instruction and instructional design, music, aesthetics.

Things I am not good at: containing excitement, being late, one glass of wine, not petting the cat even though you told me he bites.

Currently learning about: home renovation and carpentry, html/CSS, history of fighting in hockey, composting, folding fitted sheets.