It is with great sadness that I report Lucy D. Cat, aka Goony, has passed away. It happened nearly a month ago, and I have been trying to cobble together some kind of video montage to post here, but I end up crying too much. Perhaps another time. With any luck, the next post will […]

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workshop digest, part 1!


  I promised the participants at Lone Star SCOR some kind of run-down on topics we covered during the two workshops I gave. In the spirit of “better late than never”, I’m posting a PDF with the basics from the cello technique session. I suspect they could be modified a little and be good for […]

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Benning and Blackerby- a traveling cellist’s best friends.

shakespeare garden

Flying with any instrument is a challenge. Flying with a huge instrument is a HUGE challenge, especially with the bizarro security antics going on around the country. So when I excitedly accepted my cousin’s request to play for her wedding (love theme from the Princess Bride, natch), the first thing I did was contact my […]

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Memorial Day 2014


The thing about wishing a “Happy” Memorial Day is fairly simple to parse into sides, both of which come from decent enough places. Some say a day that pays respect to the fallen should be marked with a somber tone. Others say that being somber misses the point of the exercise, and that those who […]

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for Cathy.

Cathy Graff

This post was supposed to be a big wrap-up of the teaching experience at Lone Star SCOR! and an overdue thank-you to the two violin shops who provided me with stellar instruments in both Los Angeles and Austin. These things will get their due in a few days. This post is still related to teaching. […]

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cherry blossom time

cherry blossoms

It’s cherry blossom time in DC, so here’s an obligatory photo from the neighborhood. In a few weeks, I’ll pay my first visit to California since 2011- it seems like forever ago. We’re flying in for my cousin’s wedding and to attempt a vacation of sorts before a detour to Texas, for the SCOR! camp […]

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cello recital

My studio had a recital over the weekend. I hold recitals for the singular benefit of students- there’s nothing quite like the accountability of knowing your efforts will be heard by strangers to focus and intensify practice. The performance part is actually low on the list in terms of its importance. It’s the preparation and […]

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