cherry blossom time

cherry blossoms

It’s cherry blossom time in DC, so here’s an obligatory photo from the neighborhood. In a few weeks, I’ll pay my first visit to California since 2011- it seems like forever ago. We’re flying in for my cousin’s wedding and to attempt a vacation of sorts before a detour to Texas, for the SCOR! camp […]

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cello recital

My studio had a recital over the weekend. I hold recitals for the singular benefit of students- there’s nothing quite like the accountability of knowing your efforts will be heard by strangers to focus and intensify practice. The performance part is actually low on the list in terms of its importance. It’s the preparation and […]

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the exorcism


Yesterday was Fridge Day. At the end of Tuesday’s efforts, I put all of the moldy nightmare food left by the AU s̶t̶u̶d̶e̶n̶t̶s̶ savages in the freezer, in an attempt at stench abatement. I actually heaved outside after handling a garbanzo salad that expired right on my birthday. I’m a Libra. Hoiiiii. Later, I put the […]

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new house


P and I have been renting an Edwardian-ish house that is now in the process of being sold. It needed lots of TLC before we moved in, so last July involved much painting and sanding, some rewiring, much creative use of space and a forgiveness for tilty old houses. It was actually kind of fun […]

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old school


I used to post cat videos a bit. This one is “Timo the cat and his hammock, part II”.

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I fired another student a week or so ago. Basically, he was a very nice gentleman who systematically refused to do anything I asked him to do. In over a year of lessons, he progressed less than any other student I have had, including the ones who hated the cello, the ones who practiced only […]

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hour 7.

snowy sidewalk

With my Bizarro Ultra Extreme 3000™ schedule, I haven’t been able to do much volunteering at my Henri Give Back outlets. So today I went rogue. It began innocently enough, shoveling my neighbor’s sidewalk and stairs- they have a newborn and a disgruntled no-longer only child to deal with- but then I saw a patch of […]

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