Yoga for your hands

As someone who has seen more unsuccessful physical therapy than I care to admit, I am way into injury prevention when it comes to my students. Here are some stretches that I find are really useful and do a lot to ease the wooden, cold feeling of stiff hands. The text refers to the picture(s) […]


I am certain that these crazy backyard gyrations are scaring Grey away, but I had a little bit of success today. Still not been able to even attempt a handstand near the wall, but I managed to hold my very first open-air attempt this afternoon for about 4 seconds. Enough time to say, “I’m doing […]

The recital

It went well. First off, lots of people attended, though not too many performed. My lovely cousin Natalie, who I have always felt lucky to be related to, showed up, as did my dad and a near stranger (a lapsed cellist, himself) who I had met earlier that day while buying party favors. Most people […]

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