Happy Cellomas

It’s not uncommon to be a little more sentimental during the holidays. Heck, I’m easily touched as it is. This year I thought I would make a little video to put faces and names to some of the people who have made my life better over the past few years. With the advent of Twitter, […]

Practicing with marteles

Just a quick response to Terry’s question about practicing with martelés in the previous post. My apologies to those of you who get this on RSS or other subscription and got this yesterday with the very Kermit-like still frame before hitting “play”. Hard to believe that the flailing-armed poster frame YouTube generated is an improvement. […]

Vlog: flying with the cello and surgery Q & A!

Hey all: sorry to any of you who tried to watch this earlier and got no sound! I had to chop this into two halves rather inelegantly, but hopefully the content makes up for it. Zero stars to QuickTime for re-setting the poster frames to the two weirdest looking stills from each segment. The first […]


I have been working all day on a video blog post, learning the ins and outs of iMovie to cobble together something I hope you will find interesting. When I went to save it, I noticed that there was no option to save. That’s because it’s some sort of trial version…How very Microsoft of them. […]

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